Visiting The Monument

Address: 15 Blandin Ave, Framingham, MA 01702

The Monument is located at the MWRTA’s Blandin Hub

Video Credit: Jon Fetherston

15 Blandin Ave., Framingham, MA 01702
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November 15, 2016

MWRTA to hold unveiling for new Vietnam Veterans Monument at Blandin Avenue Maintenance and Operations facility on Sunday, November 27, 2016 at 12pm.

FRAMINGHAM- On October 6, 2014, the MetroWest Regional Transit Authority’s Advisory Board voted unanimously to allow a committee of former Marines, including the MWRTA Administrator, to begin developing plans to place a Vietnam Veteran’s Monument on the east side and front of the Blandin Maintenance and Operations facility located at 15 Blandin Avenue, Framingham, MA. At that time, Jeff Buccacio, an internationally recognized artist and sculptor agreed to work with committee. As the project developed and the committee grew, the scope of the monument changed from a simple statue on a block of granite to something far more outstanding. The committee feels that this project is something that may become a destination in the future. And given that it is located at a transportation intermodal node, hundreds of people will pass it every day. Two years, one month, and eleven days later this remarkable monument will be unveiled to the public for all to see and enjoy for years to come.

The MetroWest RTA is comprised of 15 contiguous communities, with Framingham as the hub. During the Vietnam War, the Selective Service Office and most of the enlistment and recruiting was done in Framingham.

Therefore, it seemed appropriate to take this regional approach to honor those from the MetroWest area who gave their lives during the war. Criteria for names on the MetroWest monument will simply be that it will reflect those who are (or will be) on the “Wall” in Washington, DC, and enlisted (or where drafted) from any of the member communities. There will be 61 names listed on two granite monoliths located behind the bronze sculpture of a solider from the Vietnam Era.

The unveiling event will take place on Sunday, November 27, 2016 at 12 pm at the 15 Blandin Avenue in Framingham. During the dedication, there will be different military displays including a Blackhawk helicopter, Star Spangled Banner sung by Rene Rancourt, and Fire and Police department color guards from all 15 member communities that belong to the MWRTA.

If anyone is interested in donating to the MWRTA Vietnam Veteran Monument, standard, and deluxe pavers as well as corporate sponsorships are still available both online and by mail. For more information or to order a brick online please click here.